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It's happened: I'm outside!

Hi, everybody. I'm OK. I'm on a small island between Florida and Cuba. Here is no Internet at all. I will post my live-journal seldom. Our computer wares Windows 98 and has archaic processor P-1, and the monitor screen - no words...
Ridiculous! I haven't Internet access in USA!

I snorkled to coral reef Looe Key, It was the most exiting impression I've ever had. I walked and biking along palm-trees, mangroves, low curved pines, and weeded in low water seashore. The water is hard salted, the wind is warm, the sun is absolutely as our summer one.

I live in bungalo, here is a canal with iguanas, parrot-fish and deer (they appeare in our yard every night), here are a pelican, an osprey, a fregat and other big birds. These days I'm studying marine ecology and lifeguarding. It's impossible to understand living american speaking.

If it will possible, I'll try to post in russian next once.

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