February 20th, 2005

Старый натуралист

dead ahead!

Hi, everybody, tomorrow - day off, I will update a huge text, and try to send pictures, and I'm going to Big Torch Key.
Mama, I've just crushed a big boat -
it was a Captain Workshop,
and I'm tired and happy and smiling
like a dog...
carry on
carry on
but it's nothing really matter:
- starboard ahead!
- port reverse!
- keep goin'!
- starboard ahead!
- one more! one more!
- both reverse!! stern ahead! more! MORE!
CRASH!!! Bang!...
- oh, fuckin'shit!

My english is getting worse and worse
all the time.

I feel like the Fool on the Hill.
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    I see a little silouetto of a man - Scaramush, Scaramush...
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